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Sustainable Knowledge Corridor



MetroQuest Survey is Open and Seeking Input on Transit-Oriented Development

The New England’s Sustainable Knowledge Corridor (SKC) Consortium and the Capitol Region Council of Governments welcome everyone to share ideas and opinions about development priorities around regional bus rapid transit and commuter rail stations by taking a brief web-based survey. The MetroQuest survey is now open to the public, and will be running through May 31, 2015.  Whether you are a regular user of CTfastrak, or someone who is excited about the upcoming improvements to the region’s commuter rail service, this survey offers the public a chance to engage in the transit-oriented development conversation happening in central Connecticut. The SKC and CRCOG encourage the public to rank the importance of potential development features, station types, and neighborhood characteristics in proximity to stations that would inspire you or others you know to use and/or live near bus rapid transit and commuter rail services.

To take the survey, go to


The TOD market analysis study entitled Making It Happen: Opportunities and Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development in the Knowledge Corridor has been completed.  Please see below for summary documents.  The full study will be posted to this website on September 19th.

Creating a Foundation of Opportunity for the Hartford - Springfield Region

As one of only 45 regions nationwide to receive a 2010
Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant from the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the
Hartford/Springfield bi-state region will roll out an ambitious
work plan over the next three years to position itself as a
leader in sustainable community development and a creator
of more livable communities for all of the corridor’s 1.6 million
residents. The $4.2 million award will be used to create a
foundation of opportunity—in housing, education,
transportation, employment, nutrition, and community resources.

For more information on the work under this grant, see the following:








Detailed SKC Map



Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Consortium

Three regional planning agencies - Capitol Region Council of Governments, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency - representing some 80 communities, partnered to apply for this grant and successfully recruited more than thirty diverse agencies to create the Knowledge Corridor Consortium. This body will provide general
direction to the initiative and individual members will supply planning and technical
assistance on specific project elements, as well as cash matches and leveraged contributions
to supplement the HUD award. In addition, a handful of state agencies formally
pledged their support to the project, and will be invited to serve in an advisory capacity.  For a full listing of the Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Consortium Members, please see the SKC 2-pager.

For administrative documents relating to the SKC Consortium, see the following:


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