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TOD Implementation Project
The purpose of the Transit Oriented Development Implementation Project is to advance the plans prepared for the Station Area Planning Project (see below) from their current concept stage. This includes a variety of potential tasks, which will be undertaken on an as needed basis and as desired by the busway stakeholders. Click here for more information.

New Britain/Hartford Busway Station Area Planning Project
This project was a transit-oriented development study for the New Britain/Hartford Bus Rapid Transit line. The primary goal of the project was to coordinate transportation and land use planning in order to enhance development around transit stations and maximize the benefits of the busway investment.  The project documents are available on our Publications Page.

TOD Documents:

New! The TOD market analysis study entitled Making It Happen: Opportunities and Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development in the Knowledge Corridor has been completed.  Please see below for summary documents.  The full study will be posted to this website on September 19th.

Tools for Towns: TOD Chapter for the CRCOG Livable Communities Toolkit

New Britain/Hartford Busway Station Area Planning Documents

CRCOG/CCSU/RPA/CCM Joint Conference on TOD Materials

Day Hill Corporate Area:  Transit Development Guidelines:  Existing development in the Day Hill Road corridor in Windsor, and in many other suburban      areas of the region, is auto-dependent and difficult to serve with bus transit.  The guidelines in this brochure were developed to highlight best practices in transit-oriented development and to provide guidance for future developers who would like to build in a way that supports transit.  Paper copies of this document are available.  Contact Mary Ellen Kowalewski at, if you would like a quantity of these brochures.

Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Market Analysis Study for TOD in the Knowledge Corridor's Bus Rapid Transit and Rail Corridors



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