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RESF 8 and MMRS Plans & Procedures

NEW! National Healthcare Coalition Conference Notes/AAR

Region 3 LTC-MAP Annual Meeting Documents

NEW! Other Healthcare Facility Resources

2002 MMRS WMD Preparedness Evaluation Tool

Revised Region 3 MCI Protocol

Statewide Forward Movement of Patients Plan

 Region 3 Rapid Action Mass Decontamination Plan

 Region 3 Nerve Agent Antidotes Kit (NAAK): Storage, Distribution & Security Protocols

 CTDPH MARK I Kit Replacement Letter

 CTDPH MARK I Kit Application

Region 3 Alternate Care Facility - Survey Tool and Information

USMA-CREPC Alternate Care Site (ACS) Model

Region 3 Concept of Operations for Pandemic Flu Response

Region 3 Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan Summary

Region 3 Guidelines for Responses to a Radiation Incident

1st Hour Checklist for RESF 8 Personnel at the RCC

MMRS Contract Deliverables:

Introduction to the MMRS Program
Concept of MMRS [deliverable 2] 
MMRS Pharmaceutical Stockpile Plan [deliverable 2a]
MMRS Basic Plan [deliverable 3]
MMRS Response to the Release of a Biological Agent [deliverable 4]
MMRS Response to CBRNE Incidents [deliverable 5]
MMRS Medical Strike Team Concept [deliverable 6]
MMRS Forward Movement of Patients Plan [deliverable 7]
MMRS Plan for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems [deliverable 8]
MMRS Training Plan [deliverable 9]
MMRS Equipment Purchasing Plan [deliverable 10]
MMRS Final Report [deliverables 11&12]

RESF 8 and MMRS Presentations

Worcester Ice Storm PowerPoints

May 2, 2007 Community-Based Medical Surge Panel Presentations


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