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The Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority is an independent entity that contracts with the Capitol Region Council of Governments for administrative support.  This page is for informational purposes.


Current Members of the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority*

South Windsor
East Granby

*As of June 12, 2013

Members may enter or exit the Authority at any time by action of their local legislative body.


CCSWA Monthly Meetings

The Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority meets monthly according to the schedule on the CCSWA Meetings and Minutes Page.  Any interested town or member of the public is welcome to attend.  The regular location is the Wethersfield Police Department's Community Room (250 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT 06109).


CCSWA Executive Committee and Officers

The membership of the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority elected their most recent Executive Committee and Officers on December 18, 2013.  Members and terms are listed below.

CCSWA Executive Committee Officers

(all Officer Terms expire on 12/31/2014)

Chair:  Jeff Bridges (Wethersfield)

Vice-Chair: Joyce Stille (Bolton)

Secretary: Richard Johnson (Glastonbury)

Treasurer: Marilynn Cruz-Aponte (Hartford)

CCSWA Executive Committee

(terms expire as stated below)

Tier One Representative: Joyce Stille (Bolton), term exp. 12/31/2015

Tier Two Representative: David Kilbon (East Granby), term exp. 12/31/2016

Tier Three Representative: Jeff Bridges (Wethersfield), term exp. 12/31/2014

Tier Four Representative: Richard Johnson (Glastonbury), term exp. 12/31/2015

Tier Five Representative: Marilynn Cruz-Aponte (Hartford), term exp. 12/31/2016

Member with Highest Tonnage: Kevin Burnham (Hartford), term exp. 12/31/2014*

Member with Highest % Recycling: Fred Shaw (South Windsor), term exp. 12/31/2014 *

*Highest Tonnage and % Recycling are "achievement seats" on the Executive Committee and are determined at the time of election annually, according to CT DEEP published data.


CCSWA Annual Reports


CCSWA RFQ for Disposal Services

The CCSWA conducted an extensive and thorough Request for Qualifications for Disposal Services for its 21 member municipalities.  At the conclusion of this process, two vendor contracts were approved by the CCSWA Executive Committee (listed below). 

Contracts Approved on July 28, 2011 (alphabetical):

Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority

Master Agreement

CRRA Options for contract (ONE to be signed by CCSWA member municipality):

Tier 1 Short Term**

Tier 1 Long Term**

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

** Please note that changes have been made to Tier 1 Short and Long Term Agrements to allow a split of recylables.  We will post those agreements once they are available.

Murphy Road Recyling

Master Agreement

NEW! Participation Agreement (to be signed by CCSWA member municipality) - this agreement has been updated per the extension signed on 11/2/11. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The most important change to the Murphy Road Recycling agreement is that towns may not use this agreement if they are also using a solid waste agreement that obligates all tonnage from within their borders.  Please contact CCSWA with questions (

Sample Resolution

CCSWA has also drafted a sample resolution to approve one (or a combination) of the contracts above.  This resolution is NOT necessary for CCSWA and is only intended for your use if needed.


A briefing on these contracts was held on Tuesday, August 2, 2011.  Handouts from that meeting are below:

If you are not a member of CCSWA but would like to take part in one of these contracts, please contact us for information on how to join.  You may contact Jennifer March-Wackers at or (860) 522-2217 ext. 239.


Joining the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority

Membership of any CT municipality is available at any time by passing the CCSWA Model Ordinance.  Below is the final version of the ordinance for local passage to join the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority. We have also included a sample resolution, in case your municipality needs such a document to accompany the ordinance, and informational bullet points to help your local legislative bodies understand the new authority. We also encourage you to use information found on this page under "Documents" (scroll down).

PLEASE NOTE: We are asking that the ordinance be passed AS WRITTEN. Do not change this language. The sample resolution may be edited or not even used, depending on your needs.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: As of November 1, 2010, new Authority members are asked to make a financial contribution to defray the costs of the RFQ process conducted for the benefit of its members (including the benefit of new members).  Please contact us for what your contribution would be.

Towns may enter or exit the authority at any time.

Ordinance for Local Passage (pdf)

This ordinance should be passed as written.

Sample Resolution (MS Word)

This is only if your municipality needs resolutions to accompany ordinances.  Please feel free to edit this document.

Informational Bullet Points (MS Word)

In addition to the information on this page, these bullet points help explain the new authority.

Please contact us anytime with questions. We are also happy to come to your town to brief your leadership on the Authority.  Jennifer March-Wackers at or by telephone at: (860) 522-2217 extension 239.


General Information

In June 2008, CRCOG first communicated with the 70 Mid-Connecticut Project towns about regional solutions to solid waste management. With the Mid-Connecticut Solid Waste agreements with CRRA set to expire in 2012, CRCOG believes the 70 participating Mid-Conn municipalities may be able to achieve significant cost savings and other benefits by working together to forge a new regional approach to solid waste management.  CRCOG’s research informed the decision of 48 municipalities to establish a new regional solid waste authority, the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority.

There are three principles at work in the new solid waste authority that is meant to be an improvement over the current conditions towns are disposing their waste under: (1) Transparency, (2) Accountability, and the (3) Prospect of Savings.  Each municipality that joins this new regional authority will have its own reasoning as to why they want to join, not limited to those three areas.

The end goal is a comprehensive solid waste management solution for all members of the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority that has these principles.  Although the solution will not be one-size-fits-all, we are confident we can provide full solid waste management service that is reliable, flexible and with predictable costs.

  • Transparency
    • Governing Structure
      • Executive Committee elected directly by the membership at-large and is responsible for management of the authority, including determining staffing and overhead.
      • Executive Committee members are Chief Elected Officials or their designees.
    • Formed under Chapter 103b (Sections 7-273aa to 7-273pp) as a Regional Resource Recovery Authority
      • Chapter 103b will give the new authority the widest scope of potential powers (not all of which it may want to exercise) combined with a minimum amount of initial organizational burden and complete flexibility in establishing a governing board
      • No changes to legislation is necessary to establish the authority
  • Accountability

Current group consensus is that the Executive Committee would be elected by the general membership on a tiered and geographic representation.  The following is a breakdown of the nine Executive Committee seats that would be established through by-laws created by the membership:

    • 5 Tiered Voting Categories, One Representative from Each Category:

% Population

Votes per Town











    • Four (4) Regional Representatives: North West Region, Naugatuck Valley Region, Greater Capitol Region, Shoreline Region (Regional Map)
  • Prospect of Savings

By joining together, the participating municipalities can conduct a competitive process to find solid waste management services with vendor bargaining power well beyond their individual ability and economies of scale with all costs associated with conducting a solicitation.


Going forward, the anticipated timeline is as follows:

Early 2010

  • Final version of Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority model ordinance is agreed upon by interested municipalities
  • Municipalities who want to join the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority pass a model ordinance in their local legislative body

Summer 2010

  • Those who have formally joined the authority establish by-laws
Fall/ Winter 2010
  • Work begins on drafting solid waste management services solicitation
  • Release solicitation procuring services for solid waste management for members of the new authority

Early 2011

  • Contract in place for solid waste management services for members of Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority



There is a wide array of information that paints the picture of CRCOG's Solid Waste Activities from June 2008 to date.  Below are key documents that help describe the progress that has taken place. 

Please also see our "Frequently Asked Questions" document which is updated as needed.

If you have any questions about CRCOG's solid waste efforts or their support of the Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority, please contact Jennifer March-Wackers at or by telephone at: (860) 522-2217 extension 239.

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