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Regional Transportation Plan
Project Funding and Programming
New Britain-Hartford Busway
Pedestrian, Bicycle and Livable Communities
Jobs Access
Corridor Study Publications
Public Involvement and Environmental Justice
Incident Management and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Incident Management Newsletters
    • January 1998 (Intro)
    • May 1998 (Radio Proposal, Notification and Diversion Plans)
    • July 1998 (Diversion Plans)
    • November 1998 (Radios, 98-99 Work Program, Stand Pipe Survey, and Issues Identified)
    • August 1999 (Radios, Stand Pipe Responses, and ITS Projects on Accelerated Schedule)
    • August 2000 (Radios and Emergency Table Top Exercise)
    • December 2001 (Radios)
    • December 2002 (Hydrant Locators, Radios, Transit Emergency Forum, NCC-EMS)
    • August 2003 (Wrecker Services, TSB & IM, After Action Debriefings, Direction Signs, Town Reimbursement, NCC-CMED, Traffic Cam Images, Diversion Plans)
    • February 2004 (TSB adopts IM recommendations, TIMS radio protocol update)
    • August 2006 (IM becomes ESF-1, TSB Update, Transportation Resources Survey, Emergency Evacuation Planning, Statewide Unified Response Manual, Online Resources)
    • December 2006 -- Statewide Unified Response Manual, Reducing Incident Duration, ConnDOT Diversion Plan Update, Traffic E-Alerts, Regional Evacuation & Shelter Plan, Transportation Resources Survey, Online Resources
  • Statewide Incident Management Steering Committee Recommendations to the TSB
  • Hartford Area Regional ITS Architecture (link to website)
Transportation Investment Area

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