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In 1998, the Major Investment Study for the Hartford West corridor was completed.  This study recommended the development of a Busway from Hartford to New Britain.  Since that time, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has led the effort to bring this top priority project to fruition.  The Busway, recently named CTfastrak, is expected to be operational in 2014.

Details of the project are available on ConnDOT's webpage:

Latest news on the Busway

Facts about the Busway

You might have heard some negative remarks about the proposed Busway. The following documents provide you with background information on the project and describe how a busway will work. 

What is the development potential of the Busway?
New research indicates that fixed transit facilities, both busway and rail, have similar abilities to attract development. Research by the Breakthrough Technologies Institute indicates that developers are interested in building at busway stations and the factors that influence their decision to develop include:  permanance of the facility, pedestrian connections to transit, comprehensive area/station plan, quality of the stations, connection to other transit services, streetscape improvements, supportive zoning, and the image of the busway.  The full report and a summary of the findings are available for download.

CRCOG, in cooperation with the Busway towns, completed a station area planning project for the busway.  Information about the New Britain/Hartford Bus Rapid Transitway Station Area Planning Project for Land Use and Development can be found on the Community Development page.


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