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Hartford I-84 Viaduct Study

I-84 Viaduct Study Report

Project Overview:

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) previously evaluated the I-84 viaduct structure in Hartford.  That analysis concluded that the

¾-mile long structure through the central area of Hartford while in need of immediate repairs, will also need to be fully reconstructed or replaced within 10-15 years.  A short-term repair project was recently completed and ConnDOT continues to monitor the structure, but these repairs are not considered a permanent fix.  ConnDOT recognizes there is a need to continue the planning and community involvement process for the longer-term reconstruction or replacement of the Viaduct.

CRCOG managed the initial phase of the Viaduct planning process on behalf of the City, working through a committee of stakeholders entitled the HUB of Hartford.  The goal of the study was to identify several preliminary, technically sound alternatives to reconstruct, replace or remove this structure and evaluate their ability to improve the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods, support existing businesses and promote economic development.  The final report and executive summary are available in the Study Documents section below.

Since the completion of the initial planning study, ConnDOT has taken the lead on the planning process.  The latest information on this effort may be found on  the Hartford I-84 Viaduct Planning Process Updates webpage.

For more information, contact Jennifer Carrier at

Aerial view of I-84 Viaduct though Hartford



View of Viaduct looking up from below

Study Documents

The documents below include  key materials from each phase of the study.  Information on the final study alternatives may be found in the Study Report.


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Final Report and Executive Summary


Area Reference Maps


Public Open Houses/Workshops

After extensive work with stakeholders and the community, a final set of options have been developed for the I-84 Viaduct.  We appreciate all of the valuable input we have received throughout the study.


November 19, 2009 Overview Presentation Boards
March 25, 2010 Overview Presentation Boards
October 27, 2010 Overview Presentation Boards
Hub of Hartford Meetings

The HUB of Hartford is a broad range of stakeholders that served as the Steering Committee for the study.  The HUB of Hartford met at key milestones throughout the project.  Below are the meeting minutes.

September 30, 2010 Minutes April 22, 2008 Minutes
September 1, 2010 Minutes March 24, 2008 Minutes
April 22, 2010 Minutes March 18, 2008 Minutes
January 27, 2010



March 4, 2008 Minutes
December 14, 2009 Minutes February 20, 2008 Minutes
October 28, 2009



January 29, 2008 Minutes
August 12, 2009 Minutes January 8, 2008 Minutes
May 19, 2009 Minutes December 11, 2007 Minutes
January 27, 2009 Minutes July 17, 2007 Minutes
October 31, 2008 Minutes June 28, 2007 Minutes
July 15, 2008 Minutes November 20, 2007 Minutes
May 21, 2008 Minutes    


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