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Hartford I-84 Viaduct Planning Process Updates

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has taken the lead on planning for the I-84 Viaduct replacement.  Visit the project website for the latest information.


Built in 1965, the ¾ -mile long elevated segment of
I-84 in Downtown Hartford is nearing the end of its useful life.  The need to fully replace or reconstruct the viaduct has created an opportunity to explore alternatives that meet transportation needs but also improve the cohesiveness and vitality of the City.  CRCOG completed an initial planning study in October 2010 that identified three preliminary alternative layouts that strengthen neighborhood connections and support economic development.  More information, including the final report, may be found on the I-84 Viaduct Study webpage.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) has taken the lead on managing the planning process and has initiated the next planning stages of the I-84 Hartford Viaduct Replacement.

A Feasibility Study will identify deficiencies and needs and also develop a broad range of feasible alternatives.  This study is designed to build upon the work completed under the CRCOG Study and will include more in depth engineering analyses.  The lead consultant on this study will also serve as a program manager, coordinating additional planning efforts related to the I-84 Viaduct.  ConnDOT's quality based selection process has identified TranSystems as the Program Manager and lead consultant for the Feasibility Study.  Visit the project website for the latest information. 

The related planning efforts managed by TranSystems include:

  • The preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process.  Environmental impacts of the identified feasible alternatives will be reviewed.  ConnDOT's quality based selection process has identified AECOM as the lead consultant to prepare the EIS.
  • Viaduct replacement will be a major capital expenditure and ConnDOT is investigating possible financing opportunities.  Value Pricing is a potential funding component that may also mitigate congestion on the most heavily traveled expressway in the state. Under FHWA's Value Pricing Pilot Program (VPPP), ConnDOT has selected CDM Smith to study the use of value pricing in this corridor.  More information may be found in the preliminary study proposal and on FHWA's VPPP webpage.
  • Rail Relocation may bring about significant opportunities for I-84 replacement, the community, and the rail line.  Parsons Brinckerhoff is studying the potential for rail relocation in the vicinity of the I-84 Viaduct.
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